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After the initial force it took to break the age seal on each, every screw slid out of its hole, pale and squinting in the light.

The waxy odor of the soap reminded me to get started, and I wrung out the rag.It looks exactly like the one I remember in my mothers kitchen back in the 1940s. Unfortunately they had used sandpaper, which is a no-no on antiques because it destroys any patina that might have been on the piece.But now I had no choice but to follow what had been started. I used a cabinet scraper to remove most of the paint.After all, the box had been the centerpoint of some hungry farm family's kitchen; it must have looked better than it did now.Just a month of leisurely work, some sanding, maybe a little brass scrubbing, but nothing too tough for me to handle. Following a reading of my new gospel according to a professional refinisher, I got out a bucket to wash the wood with warm water and dishwashing soap.

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