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Three Azo dyes differing in the molecular size, electric charge, and hydrophobic/hydrophilic character, i.e., Methyl Orange (MO), Orange II (OII), and Orange G (OG), were selected for the purpose of this work.

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The manuscript reports the results of advanced sorption studies made by combining several experimental techniques, mainly including kinetic and equilibrium adsorption measurements, XRD diffraction, as well as isothermal titration calorimetry.En systèmes mono- et multi-composant, la rétention des MO semble supérieure à la capacité d'échange anionique (CEA) théorique des HDL.Ce comportement a été attribué à l'adsorption du colorant sur les surfaces externes, ainsi qu'à la co-adsorption des cations sodium, contre-ions du colorant.The use of isothermal calorimetry allowed the unusual shape of the curve representing the cumulative enthalpy of displacement to be attributed to the formation of OII aggregates/fibers induced by the presence of Mg and Al cations originating from the partial dissolution of the LDH sample.Competitive adsorption of dye and selected inorganic anions on the three model sorbents was studied in the second step in view of increasing the efficiency of dyes removal by optimizing experimental conditions.

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