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Thinking it will kill Dream, Dee shatters the ruby, inadvertently returning its power to Dream.

Considering Dee at least partially responsible for his victory, Dream shows mercy and returns Dee to Arkham.

As the series increased in popularity, DC Comics began to reprint the issues in hardcover and trade paperback editions, each representing either a complete novel or a collection of related short stories.

Although chronologically first, the collected edition of Preludes & Nocturnes was published after the collected edition of the better-selling second storyline, The Doll's House.

The eighth issue, "The Sound of Her Wings", is a self-contained story that serves as an epilogue to the More Than Rubies plot and introduces the character Death.

It was first issued in paperback in 1991, and later in hardback in 1995 and features an introduction by Paul Wilson. In 1988, Gaiman wrote an eight-issue outline for a new Sandman series.

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Esta epopeya soberbia y muy melancólica cuenta con el elegante guion de Neil Gaiman y los dibujos de un elenco de artistas que se van alternando y que se encuentran entre los más solicitados de la actualidad.In 1916, the magician Roderick Burgess attempts to attain immortality by capturing the embodiment of Death.Mistakenly, he binds Death's brother Dream instead.Gaiman described the issues as "awkward", since he, as well as Kieth, Dringenberg, and Busch, had never worked on a regular series before.Kieth quit after the fifth issue; he was replaced by Dringenberg as penciler, who was in turn replaced by Malcolm Jones III as inker.

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