Sex slam online

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In the census, kids are assumed to have a mother and a father and must answer individual questions on both their parents.

Upon contacting the census organisers, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), Rainbow Families' Vanessa Gonzalez was advised in an email that "the most straightforward way is to have either one of the mothers use the 'father' response in the form." : "The advice is asking us to lie.

Dr Bourne added that previous research indicates that drug use, and particularly crystal meth, is higher among HIV positive gay men than those who are negative or who are untested.

A spokesman for Public Health England, which has established a working group to develop guidance on the trend, said: “This is a serious health issue that is driving poor sexual and mental health, as well as the transmission and acquisition of HIV and other blood-borne viruses.”He added that the national health protection service is “concerned” about the increasing use of drugs, “in particular, in the context of sex parties, where unprotected sex may occur”.

A key source of data used to help government make policy decisions for the public and private sector, the census will see a lack of representation for children with same-sex parents, according to the group.Reports of men sharing needles and sleeping with, on average, five to 10 partners per drug-using episode, have rung alarm bells.“It’s become somewhat destigmatised,” said Antidote’s David Stuart, who is believed to be the country’s first drug counsellor specialising in sexual health. and you can see the world of slamming is glamorised.A man will say: ‘Yeah, I slam.’ But if you ask him if he’s an addicted drug user, he’ll say: ‘F**k off’.”The authorities – who are used to seeing very low percentages of injection use among gay men – are taking notice.London had the highest number of new diagnoses (1,450).“If you go to any heroin addict on the corner, they’ll know where to get clean needles from,” Mr Stuart said.“But if you ask a gay man at a sex party, he won’t know.

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