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For Preparedness and reducing risk ‘Disaster Management Plan’ has provided to Badalgachhi Upazilla by indicating ‘local disaster risks’ through ‘Disaster Management Plan’ which will be efficacy for the forthcoming days.

At the time to providing the Plan all classes of people like male, female, cultivator, landless people, aged person, local elite persons, Union and Upazila Disaster Management Committee Members (Uz DMC) were congregated.

Bangladesh is a disaster prone country in the world.

Due to Geographical disadvantage, the environment, losing balance of power, are facing various catastrophe like inundation, Tornados, drought, Erosion of river, earthquake, various cyclone, fogginess, white squall and so on. The erosion of river for over flow of water, destroy the location of river side and all the inhabitants lose their all sort of livelihood and livestock and took shelter being pauper in the hovel on the high land or roads.

I am confident; this Disaster Management Plan which has prepared by the coherent cooperation of local people, Local Governances and other local organizations should help to Disaster Management Committee and other sectors (Government, International and National NGO, as well as Donor) to perform all acts as a overall plan.

Ky sanxhak pati si shtrirje territoret e dikurshme te Principates se Muzakajve.

I am giving thanks from my core of heart to those very persons who have taken part and have given advice, like all Government and Non-Government Organizations and local persons to perform the conspicuous act in good manner.

Recently Government of Bangladesh has taken an initiative on the subject ‘Disaster Management Planning’ through CDMP 2.

To implement the plan in action, primarily has taken an initiative for indication ‘Disaster Risk’ through conversation with all sorts of local people, Union and Upazila Management Committee.

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