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Keeping 'inventory' sounds stalker-ish, and raises the creep factor into the stratosphere. Hmmm I'm not sure if I'll wait to see if he messages me again before I reply" Even if that was her process (trust me it's not, no ones is) would I person like that even be someone you would want to date?Any repeat attempt should be fresh and authentic, and timing means everything. You sent her a message, she didn't respond, she's not interested for whatever reason.Some people ( acquaintances that have used OLD, women that I have talked to from OLD etc ) have told me they got more rude emails when they didn't respond. "I think in most cases it won't change things, but on the other hand, what do you have to lose?They got messages like "You think you are too good for me! It's not hard to send a second message and doesn't take much time.You could craft a follow up message and just recycle it, "Hey, blah blah blah, I'm sure you get tons of messages, blah blah blah, I wouldn't hate it if you let me know when you're bored sometime..."I'm sure someone will pounce me for telling you to recycle messages but it's not like you didn't already make the effort to engage her. Maybe she's started seeing someone else, maybe she doesn't feel like dating at the moment, maybe she just doesn't like your face, it really is none of your business.Posted By: nive0189I looked over several of the profiles that came up and found one woman I thought seemed really attractive in particular and decided to send her a message I sent the message about a day ago and still haven't heard back. You could send her a second message, or a third or a 100th, it's not going to change the fact she's not interested.If your ego can take the second "rejection" (I personally don't see a non-reply by a stranger as a rejection), go for it.You stress in your OP that you really thought you guys would be a good match. If a woman doesn't find your thumbnail attractive enough to ever see herself with you, she won't even look at the profile.

More often than not a second message won't get you the result for which you're hoping.

Most of the time sending a 2nd email when a person doesn't respond won't change anything. Perhaps they were talking to someone else and it didn't work out. Or the sender of email revised the profile and added new pictures and is now more appealing.

People can be rude when the other person doesn't respond as well.

So I'm wondering if it would be worth it to send her a second message, especially since I don't know if she's seen my profile or not.

I know the chances of it getting a reply when the first one didn't are fairly slim, but I do find her interesting and am hopeful a second go might get a response.

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