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Its number one debut on Billboard 200 made One Direction the first band in history to have their first three albums all debut atop the Billboard 200.

With their fourth album, 2014's Four, they extended the record to four consecutive number-one albums.

The promotional tour for Mind of Mind included his second solo appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, performances on the Honda Stage at the i Heart Radio Theater and at the 3rd i Heart Radio Music Awards.

His R&B singing style stood out compared to the band's pop rock style; he later cited creative differences as a reason for leaving the band.After being eliminated as a solo performer, Malik was brought back into the competition, along with four other contestants, to form the boy band that would become known as One Direction.Malik split from the group in March 2015 and signed a solo recording contract with RCA Records.Talking with The Fader, he stated "life experiences have been the influences for the album and just stuff that I've been through, especially in the last five years".In a conversation with Billboard, Malik's main collaborator for the album James "Malay" Ho said they have gone to unusual lengths in pursuit of inspiration during recording sessions, for one “we went camping for a week in the Angeles Forest - set up a generator and a tent so we could track in the woods." The end of February 2016 also saw the releases of the "Pillowtalk (Lil Wayne Remix)", which features American rapper Lil Wayne, and Chris Brown's R&B song "Back to Sleep (Remix)", featuring Usher and Malik.

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