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s soon as the Great War erupted, Queen Wilhelmina declared Netherlands’ neutrality, but her kingdom’s army had already begun fully mobilizing for defense by the end of July.

Just like Belgium, they too could read a map and there was always the possibility that German armies might spill across their border on their way to France.

Aarhus University Hospital (DNU) At the size of a small provincial town, the new University Hospital Aarhus (DNU) is a leading hospital based in Central Jutland, Denmark and its expansion will cover a 1,200,000m Sunterra Market Sunterra Market is a unique family-owned grocery chain with a mandate for control quality.

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Architecture and design by d_raw and Aecom led the restoration project transforming the space into a world class entertainment venue where nostalgic seaside rides meet with modern art installations and contemporary food and drink offerings.Visitors are guided around the venue with signage created and installed by Modulex, including iconic 3 metre high DREAMLAND letters, realising the collaborative design concept of Spaceagency, Aecom and D_Raw.Dreamland is considered to be the oldest surviving amusement park in Great Britain, dating back to the early 1870s and is the only Grade II listed rollercoaster in the world.Gainsborough Bath Spa With a restrained and elegant range of environmental graphics Modulex complement the scheme created by New York based Champalimaud Design in collaboration with EPR Architects for the luxurious Gainsborough Bath Spa in Bath which opened last year and has since gone on to be awarded the prestigious Tatler Spa Awards 2016.Dreamland Nurturing the desire for nostalgia, Dreamland has opened in Margate, UK.

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