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The pages of raw data at the back of the book are more catholic, offering everything from the year by year unemployment rates, broken down by region, to a full list of Madness hit singles.

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In 1979, it was accepted across the political spectrum that the state had a legitimate role in controlling prices and wages, and that they could set a limit on how much money a British citizen could take abroad, though it could do very little to discourage union members from striking for higher pay.His focus is on the people who held power and the decisions they made, not on recreating what it was like for ordinary people to live through the period.He does not waste words on things he does not consider very important, no matter how much they caught popular attention then or later.Hurling petrol bombs at the police would have been a serious escalation of picket-line violence indeed.Had it happened, it would have been in the interests of government ministers to say so but when a Home Office minister, Earl Caithness, was questioned in Parliament on 26 January 1987, the answer recorded in Hansard was clear enough – "No petrol bombs as such were thrown."Stewart is not a "popular" historian.

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