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It is able to simultaneously track up to 100 targets.Some of them are known only from the Hauterivian and/or the Barremian, excluding the Aptian, thus dating the lower part of the Arkan section as Barremian, but not excluding the Late Hauterivian. Ici, l'espce fait l'objet d'une description plus dtaille, fonde en particulier sur un spcimen complet permettant de mettre en question l'interprtation taxonomique propose jusqu'ici. d: oblique-tangential section cutting the basal part of the alga, sample 165, scale bar 0.8 mm. 6 (i-j) The two illustrated specimens, the only ones available, apparently are the same taxon. These values do not widely differ from the known species of Rajkaella. Reproductive structures were situated very probably inside the central stem (endosporate)." In terms of formal description, these general characters fit well with Steinmanniporella? Spaced out whorls of numerous, slender, acrophorous primary laterals, perpendicular to or slightly tilted upward from the main axis. von (1920).- Die Siphoneae verticillatae vom Karbon bis zur Kreide.- Abhandlungen der zoologisch-botanischen Gesellschaft in Wien, Band XI, Heft 2, 259 p., 8 pls.Calcareous algae; Dasycladales; new taxon; Lower Cretaceous; Tirgan Formation; Iran. Algues calcaires ; Dasycladales ; nouveau taxon ; Crtac infrieur ; Formation de Tirgan ; Iran. Familia Triploporellaceae ( the occurrence of thin and delicate laterals, irrespectively of whether trichophorous or phloiophorous, often associated with a bulky central stem, is considered a proof of an endosporous reproduction (for a discussion see , 1845 Clypeina ? Provisional description: wide axial main axis, cylindrical and/or intusannulated, weakly calcified, presumably fertile (endosporate), bearing spaced out whorls of numerous, strongly calcified primary laterals, flexuous, almost horizontal, progressively widening out (phloiophorous), open (uncalcifed) at tip; irregular presence of slender filaments, coating the axis and/or the laterals. parsica, , but the secondary laterals are horn-shaped, that is phloiophorous throughout their length, instead of being tubular first and phloiophorous at the tip. Secondary laterals horn-shaped (phloiophorous), distally uncalcified, approximately eight in number, clustered at the tip of the primaries, forming a rosette. [Les Siphones verticilles du Carbonifre au Crtac (1961). Senior military and technology officials have hinted that the Kremlin was preparing to reimburse Iran for the canceled deal.Military analysts have said that deployment of the S-300 missile system would have created problems in any potential war designs against Iran.

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