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As regards its Davidic authorship, the arguments impugning it afford no warrant for an abandonment of the traditional view. In it the Messiah is described as "like to a Son of Man ", appearing at the right hand of Jahveh in the clouds of heaven, inaugurating the new age, not by a national victory or by vicarious satisfaction, but by exercising the Divine right of judging the whole world.

That by the prophet described in Deuteronomy -22, was also understood, at least at the beginning of our era, the Messiah is clear from the appeal to his gift of prophecy made by the pseudo-Messiah Theudas (cf. Thus, the emphasis is upon the personal responsibility of the individual.

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Condamin or Knabenbauer, in loc.) In spite, however, of Justin's use of the last-mentioned passage in "Dial.In the Palestine Talmud the form with the article is almost universal, while the common use in the Babylonian Talmud without the article is not a sufficient argument for antiquity to prove that in the time of Christ it was regarded as a proper name.It is proposed in the present article: I, to give an outline of the prophetic utterances concerning the Messiah; II, to show the development of the prophetic ideas in later Judaism ; and III, to show how Christ vindicated His right to this title.He is described as a king of the line of Jacob ( Numbers ), of Juda ( Genesis : "The sceptre shall not pass from Juda until he comes to whom it belongs"), and of David ( 2 Samuel -16 ).It is sufficiently established that this last passage refers at least typically to the Messiah.

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