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It's a longish code, and I wish I had been asked to type it in twice in case I made a mistake.

The code is used to keep your sample anonymous but trackable throughout the process. You then fill in your name, click Activate, and consent to the company's terms of service.

Parents who are managing tests for their minor children are the exception; they can have multiple kits associated with one account.

I received confirmation of receipt just over a week after I mailed my kit to Ancestry DNA. On your dashboard, you see a pie chart with an ethnicity estimate and possible DNA matches with other members.

If you're managing other people's DNA results, you can do so from your account, but each test must be associated with an account.

Once you've finished activating your kit and setting up your account, it's time to extract your sample, which involves spitting into a plastic tube up to its fill line. You can't eat, drink or smoke 30 minutes before providing your sample.

You can decide how much or little personal information to share with potential matches.

So in many cases, unless your matches have a public profile or public family tree, you'll only be able to view their display name (either a username or their full name), which isn't much to go on. This feature has the odd feel of a dating site since you can connect with your matches and see when they last logged in.

If you already have an Ancestry account, you can use the same login. Ancestry DNA ships kits to all 50 US states and more than 30 other countries.

When you receive the kit, the first thing you need to do is activate it online using a unique code posted on the kit.

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